Get rid of traditional business model, start connecting with Big data and Internet of things through ACTi intelligent cameras.
You'll easily grasp all the real-time information!
Visitor Traffic analysis
Storefront traffic, store traffic and floor traffic
Customer pathways analysis
Optimize traffic flow and product display
Hot-selling and slow-moving items analysis
Find out which items customers show interest but not buying
Heat maps analysis
Optimize products display based on heat maps analysis
Customer loyalty analysis
Regular customer rate, regular distribution, customer re-visit rate
Customer visit analysis
Customer dwell time, valid customer rate
Customer transaction analysis
Sales volume, actual sales, per customer transaction, per product transaction
Customer checkout analysis
Queue time and checkout service quality
Customer segment analysis
Distribution of different genders and ages
Correlation between weather and operation
Correlation between traffic and weather, sales performance and weather
Employee allocation analysis
Optimize employee allocation and service quality
Showcase efficiency analysis
Dwell time and traffic in front of showcase
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